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The Total Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024 from Elko, NV

What will the 2024 solar eclipse look like from Elko, Nevada? Find out here!

* NEVER look at the partial phases of any eclipse without certified eye protection! *
* If ANY PART of the Sun’s bright disk is visible, you MUST use certified eye protection to look at the Sun! *

(The eclipse sequence begins at 0:22)

•’s Eclipse Simulator:
• Order ISO-Certified Eclipse Glasses:
• 2024 eclipse page for Elko:
• Detailed local circumstances for the 2024 total solar eclipse:
• Detailed local circumstances for the 2023 annular solar eclipse:
• An explanation of ΔT:

*** Permission is freely given to members of news and print media, educators, researchers, and local government/community planning officials, to use this video for educational, research, media, or community outreach purposes, provided that credit and a link are given to ***

What will the 2024 solar eclipse look like from Elko? This simulation will show you! We’ve captured the view from the Eclipse Simulator for Elko, so you can preview the eclipse before it happens!* It’s just one way that is providing great information and education to help build excitement for the total eclipse of 2024 – the Great North American Eclipse.

The Eclipse Simulator has been prepared with the guidance and direction of veteran eclipse chasers, and has been validated by the professional eclipse/astronomy community as accurate in displaying (as best we can on a screen!) what a solar eclipse really looks like.

Visit’s online eclipse simulator for many more features, as well as detailed instructions on exactly what you’re seeing in the simulation. You can change the foreground scene, because we know that the scene in the simulation might not look like Elko! You can also get a closeup view of Baily’s Beads, change the shape of the corona, see the outlines of the Moon and Sun during the eclipse, and MORE! With the simulator, you can:
• Preview the eclipse from any location you choose in North America
• Get eclipse circumstances for over 140,000 named locations
• Find out exactly WHEN the eclipse will happen where you are
• Research various places you might to watch the eclipse from
• Check out the incredible view from the edge of the path of totality
• See for yourself the difference it makes to be in the path (rather than simply close to it)

Between now and eclipse day, we’ll be posting these videos on our channel for more than 1200 cities in the USA, Canada and Mexico. If the city you want isn’t available yet, let us know so we can prioritize it for you. You’re free to link or embed this video in your community’s promotional materials and official website, or to use it in your news broadcast or classroom (just please provide credit and a link to Videos are also available in Spanish and French, as appropriate for the location.

You’ll also find plenty of other 2024 eclipse information on, including comprehensive sections on eclipse calculations and eclipse eye safety. And since you’ll need eye protection for the partial phases of the eclipse, you can get ISO-certified eclipse glasses on for your family, friends, students, business, eclipse event or community.

To top it off, also offers a complete set of information for the great 2023 annular eclipse that will take place on October 14, 2023!

*For eclipse geeks: The simulation is accurate for the exact latitude/longitude shown. Baily’s Beads, stars and the orange horizon glow are correct, and eclipse times are accurate for the time zone shown and ΔT = 69.6s. Also note that we’ve selectively made time slow down and speed up in this video, based on what’s happening at the moment. Of course, the shape of the corona and prominences are just educated guesses, based on years of eclipse observing experience. No one knows what those will actually look like in advance, but they will be spectacular!

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