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Nevada LLC: 10 Benefits

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1:46 Nevada LLC Top 10 Benefits
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4:29 Nevada LLC Top 10 benefits in detail
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5:55 Nevada LLC Top 10 benefits in detail (continued)
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7:51 Nevada LLC Top 10 benefits in detail (continued)
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Why form a Nevada LLC?

Nevada has done an incredible job improving their LLC statutes. In fact, I got to gather one-one-one with the Nevada Secretary of State at the capitol building in Carson City and he told me they are determined to make it one of the most favorable states in which to form an LLC.

So, in this video, we’ll first talk about the top 10 benefits of a Nevada LLC. Then we’ll dive into the details.

Now, keep in mind, you can use your Nevada LLC back home. First, have us form your Nevada LLC. Second, have us file documents that qualify your Nevada LLC to do business in the state or country where you live.

And let me tell you, Las Vegas is a FUN place with incredible shows, restaurants, hotels, casinos. I mean, how’d you like to visit Las Vegas to have your Nevada LLC meetings and take that trip as tax write off? We’ve seen perfectly legal ways to do that, so before you do, check with your CPA for details.

So, in addition to that what are the top 10 benefits for forming a Nevada LLC?

1. First, the names of the members, or corporate shareholders and CEO for that matter, are not filed in the public records in Nevada.
2. Nevada has zero business tax on corporations or LLCs and no personal income tax.
3. Nevada does not share financial records with outside agencies.
4. You do not have to reside in Nevada to form an LLC there.
5. Nevada offers protection for acting members and managers or corporations and LLCs.
6. A one-person LLC offers charging order protection – so when an owner is sued the law can protect the member from losing the company or the assets inside.
7. LLCs and corporations in Nevada can offer stock or LLC membership in exchange for services, work, real estate and more instead of cash.
8. LLCs are flexible in terms of management – that is, you don’t even need to be a member or owner of a Nevada LLC in order to have 100% of the management control.
9. Nevada offers flexible profit distribution regulations to LLCs.
10. And finally, Nevada minimizes the risk, time and cost when someone sues your business.

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