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Mizpah Hotel, Clown Motel & Old Tonopah Cemetery | Tonopah, Nevada

During our first visit to Tonopah, Nevada, we got to check out the bizarre Clown Motel, the historic Old Tonopah Cemetery, as well as spend the night at the stunning Mizpah Hotel.

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During our 7 day road trip, we visited numerous locations, ghost towns and hotels. None have quite compared to the old charm and elegance of the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, NV.

Built in 1907, the Mizpah was once the tallest building in the state of Nevada. Today it stands as a historic hotel decorated with Victorian-style wallpaper and furnishings and trimmed in beautiful shades of gold and red. The hallways are dimly lit and lend heavily to the Old West atmosphere. You can truly put yourself back in the time of the hotel’s heyday and imagine how luxurious this place once must have been.

Our room was pleasant with a queen sized bed, small television and closet, drawers and attached bathroom. Everything was clean with none of that old historic hotel smell that often accompanies old buildings over time. And the view from our room, Room 510, was spectacular! A corner room with windows on two walls and a view of the town with snow-capped mountains in the distance. It doesn’t get much better!

The hotel does have a history of paranormal activity, especially the nearby room 512, however, during our stay all was quiet.

If supernatural spirits aren’t your style, there is a beautiful bar and lounge downstairs to have a cocktail. The hotel also houses the Pittman Cafe, a casual sit-down restaurant offering American style breakfasts and dinners.

During our stay in Tonopah, we also checked out some nearby sights that we have seen in other YouTube videos.

First up was the World Famous Clown Motel. While we didn’t stay here during our visit, the staff are friendly and allow visitors to enter (and even photograph or film!) the front office which serves as a museum. Explaining the amount of clown figures, dolls and art cannot possibly do justice to the size of this collection. The room is simply packed with clowns in every space available. It has to be seen to be believed!

And if the clowns aren’t scary enough for you, there is an old cemetery next door… literally feet away from the motel. The Old Tonopah Cemetery was used in the early 1900s when Tonopah’s silver mining activity started to boom. Many of the people interred in the Cemetery were pioneers of the town and casualties of mining – including the Belmont Mine Fire of 1911 which claimed 17 miners.

Tonopah’s rich history was truly fascinating to us and a place we can’t wait to come back to.


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