Monday , 25 October 2021

Hawthorne NV From Above

Hawthorne NV is located just south of Walker Lake – about 70 miles SE of Lake Tahoe. I spent 4 days in mid October flying with a Geologist from Central Washington University overhead the mountains NE of Hawthorne NV recording various faults and related geological features of this amazing area.

The Geological story we’re interested in is only 20 million yrs old and tells how long and continuous stress cracks (faults) formed in response to the San Andreas fault in this region. Two of these faults were visible for over 40 miles. Most noteworthy were how many rock formations have ‘slipped’ from as little as 100 meters to over 7 Km in relation to each other! All the linear features you see in this video are faults. Some very easy to see, others are somewhat hidden. If you look carefully, you’ll also see shorelines of a once massive ancient lake that more recently dominated the expansive valleys of the region.

We averaged about 75 mph in a trike and flew about 2.5 hr long flights 7 times in a 4-day window. We covered about 180 miles per flight and over 1200 miles total.

I trailered my trike down from Spokane for the event which took about 45min on each end to take down/set up. With good weather, I could have flown from Spokane to Hawthorne in about 6 hrs but would have not had all the necessary equipment I needed for the event. So I settled in for the 14 hour drive and packed the kitchen sink.

Hope you enjoy Hawthorne as much as I did!

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