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Boulder City, NV – Greater Las Vegas Real Estate

Boulder City, NV is part of the Greater Las Vegas Real Estate market, lying just outside the Las Vegas Valley next to Henderson. It has the largest land area of any city in Nevada, yet it’s population is just over 16,000. It was created by the federal government for the building of Boulder Dam, later renamed to Hoover Dam, but the worker homes were only meant to be temporary. To their surprise, after the dam was completed, many of the workers wanted to stay. Instead of their homes being torn down, they were sold.

So what does Boulder City offer that would make people want to stay? Is it the small town atmosphere and lifestyle, with residents voting to limit it’s growth in spite of the huge gains in development next door in the Las Vegas Valley? The attachment to preserving it’s history? It’s unique neighborhoods with a variety of home styles and custom homes? The amazing views of mountains in the Eldorado Valley or the Lake Mead views from the Hemenway Valley? Is it the access to all that Las Vegas offers, including a major international airport, but in a place often referred to as the Mayberry of the Las Vegas area.

Or is it the attraction from the many activities found around Boulder City? Like the many parks and community events held there. The train rides of the Nevada Southern Railway Museum. Hiking and biking trails or mountain biking and zip lining in Bootleg Canyon. All the water sports and cruises at Lake Mead, or canoe, kayak, paddle boarding and raft trips on the Lake Mead National Water Trail on the Colorado River below Hoover Dam. ATV and off-roading, skydiving, air tours, flight instruction and general aviation, or perhaps visiting a Ghost Town and gold mine in the nearby Eldorado Canyon. You can also stop in at the historic downtown for some food, a brew pub, or to explore the shops offering antiques to art and crafts and much more. Or you could just enjoy the Big Horned Sheep, Nevada’s state animal, that like to call the Boulder City area home. Yes, there’s quite a bit to do in this small town, whether you chose to call it home or for both visitors to drop by and Las Vegas locals to enjoy all that it has to offer year round,

Now while the population has been limited by choice, and also a limited amount of resale homes available, Boulder City does have a new home development for 2018. Boulder Hills Estates from Story Book Homes is underway. On build out it is proposed to add 127 new single and two story homes to the community, with current pricing starting in the $400k’s and $500k’s. For resale homes you’ll find that generally the median pricing is above the Greater Las Vegas area, and also above the City of Henderson median. Of course the homes and lots with views will typically carry a premium, just as you would find in the Las Vegas Valley.

Even with the length of this video I couldn’t possibly cover it all, but you will get a better idea of what can be found in and around Boulder City. The links below can help you explore a bit more online.

City of Boulder City

Black Canyon National Water Trail

Lake Mead National Recreation Area


Bootleg Canyon – Red and Black Mountain – River Mountains


Nevada State Railroad Museum – Nevada Southern Railway


Eldorado Canyon Techatticup Gold Mine

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