Sunday , 24 October 2021

Spanish Springs

Piute Creek Junkyard – Spanish Springs, NV


This video was from an expedition that I took back in August 2019. Unfortunately, my primary camera had some file issues and I lost most of the footage from this trip. However I still had some decent footage from my Olympus action camera, so here is what I was able to save. Truly an amazing and unique location in the …

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Drone flight above Spanish Springs NV


This is a great view of Spanish Springs NV from a Drone.

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Driving Tour of Spanish Springs in Sparks NV 2021


Interested in Sparks NV? Interested in Spanish Springs in Sparks NV? This video will give you some great info all about Sparks NV and Spanish Springs, in particular. I do a driving tour for you with property options and pricing in Sparks NV – Spanish Springs. Make sure you watch until the end! If you’re thinking about a move to …

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Spanish Springs – Reno, Nevada


Northeast of Sparks and Reno, Nevada is the rural oasis of Spanish Springs. The Sky Ranch Airport used to be a massive attraction to the area. Sky Ranch hosted the first two Reno Air Races in 1964 and 1965 before their relocation to Reno-Stead Airport. Today, we know the small airport as the Spanish Springs Airport. The community of Spanish …

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