Monday , 25 October 2021


What You Need to Know About Pahrump, Nevada as a Snowbird or Nomad S2.E185


Pahrump, Nevada is a popular spot with snowbirds each spring and fall, though some also choose to spend the entire winter. Pahrump’s desert location and elevation (approximately 2,700 feet makes it warmer than many areas, but cooler than the I-10 corridor where many nomads settle for the winter. This location makes it ideal as a spring and fall stopping point …

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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Pahrump, Nevada! Living in Pahrump, NV


Top 5 Reasons to Move to Pahrump, NV These are the things I love most about living in Pahrump, Nevada. I’ve been here 20 years and love it here! Like & Subscribe for more about Living in Pahrump! Sheryl Hunter, REALTOR Classic Realty Group, Inc. 775.910.3730 S.0171823.LLC #LivingInPahrump

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What to know about Pahrump, NV | Living in Pahrump | Moving to Pahrump Nevada


In this video I take you along with me as I meet with a client to show a few homes around Pahrump, NV. With the Las Vegas market still on fire, I’ve been having questions about what’s up with the real estate in Pahrump and what it’s like out there. Hopefully this short video helps give you a quick glimpse …

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Pahrump Nevada Casino Tour: Out of Vegas & Into the Country! What Will You Find?


Welcome to #Pahrump #Nevada a town which sits about an hour from the famous Las #Vegas Strip. I recently took a road trip “over the hump” to Pahrump to check out their four major casinos, fireworks and much more. In this video we’ll check out the Pahrump Nugget, Gold Mine, Lakeside and Saddle West casinos plus we’ll tour their properties …

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