Sunday , 24 October 2021


Walker Lake: Conspiracies and Real Life Horrors


Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventure #439 Date of Adventure: 6/11/20 I go back to Walker Lake to fully explore the weird conspiracy theories around it…and have a very unpleasant time! Support me on Patreon: Or help fuel my next trip: Calendar now available: Merch: Recommended Gear: Credits: Lake Lahontan by Decumanus at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, …

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Hawthorne NV From Above


Hawthorne NV is located just south of Walker Lake – about 70 miles SE of Lake Tahoe. I spent 4 days in mid October flying with a Geologist from Central Washington University overhead the mountains NE of Hawthorne NV recording various faults and related geological features of this amazing area. The Geological story we’re interested in is only 20 million …

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Hawthorne Army Depot promotional video

Hawthorne-Army-Depot-promotional-video produced this promotional capabilities video for Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada for the US Army Joint Munitions Command.

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America's Patriotic Home: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hawthorne, NV


Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventure #437 Date of Adventure: 6/11/20 Poking around one of my all-time favorite WEIRD towns in the middle of nowhere, Nevada that happens to be home to the World’s Largest Ammo Depot…and an astonishing array of phallic symbols on just about every corner!  Support me on Patreon: Or help fuel my next trip: 2020 Calendar …

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Driving around Hawthorne, Nevada


There’s not a whole lot to see around Hawthorne, Nevada, so this video probably covers most of it. I spent a little time before sunset driving around town, then north on US 95 to a viewpoint of Walker Lake. and provide driving videos and stories to help you plan your trip. Check out hundreds of videos on my …

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