Sunday , 24 October 2021

Boulder City

Boulder City, Nevada


Hey guys! Welcome back to my youtube channel! I hope you enjoy this short video of Boulder City. There aren’t many cities around Las Vegas, so Boulder City is a place we frequent. There is so much more to do than what I filmed, so hit me up on instagram if you want some advice on what to do and …

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Historic Railroad Trail – Boulder City, NV


This trail passes through five tunnels next to Lake Mead built for the rail line used during the construction of the Hoover Dam (the rails have been removed). The trail continues downward and ends on the top floor of the parking garage at the Hoover Dam. Another trail junctions with this trail to take visitors to the walkway that crosses the Hoover …

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Boulder City, NV – Greater Las Vegas Real Estate


Boulder City, NV is part of the Greater Las Vegas Real Estate market, lying just outside the Las Vegas Valley next to Henderson. It has the largest land area of any city in Nevada, yet it’s population is just over 16,000. It was created by the federal government for the building of Boulder Dam, later renamed to Hoover Dam, but …

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Boulder City, NV. – MUST DO in a small town with a rich history.


Boulder City, NV is a small town with a rich history dating back to the 1930s. It was founded during the construction of Hoover Dam. Boulder City is the gateway to Hoover Dam and is less than 1 hour from the Las Vegas Strip. Boulder City offers a variety of restaurants, bars, and activities for the whole family. Visit Boulder …

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