Sunday , 22 April 2018

Las Vegas News for Tuesday, December 6th

1. A man was booked on a murder charge after a teen was shot during an attempted robbery at a smoke shop. Police say a smoke shop employee shot and killed 13-year-old Fabriccio Patti when he and two other teens entered the smoke shop wearing masks with the possible intent to rob the store. It’s still unclear if the teens were armed or demanded any money from the store.
2. According to a letter sent to school district staff, Clark County School District Trustee Kevin Child has been barred from entering schools without a specific invitation from the school administrators. The letter details guidelines for Child’s visits to “ensure a safe and respectful working environment” following numerous complaints regarding Child’s visits. Specific complaints about Child obtained by the RJ date back to 2013.
3. Prosecutors in a death penalty trial suggest a Las Vegas girl was killed over a $450 dispute. Norman Belcher is currently on trial for killing 15-year-old Alexus Postorino during a home invasion in December 2010. Belcher had texted Postorino’s father threatening messages about a drug debt he felt he was owed in the days prior to the girl’s death.

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