Sunday , 22 April 2018

2 REAL Roulette Games – Whiskey Pete’s & Red Rock Casinos, Las Vegas, NV

Two short roulette videos here.

First, I stopped at Whiskey Pete’s, in Primm, on the way to Vegas recently. I didn’t have much time to spend, so I only played $20. The table was cold, so I ended up walking away with only $2.

Then it was on to Red Rock in Las Vegas. I did better here, but the video doesn’t show it. The table was full of players, and at times in the video it looks like an octopus is playing! HA! A couple of the guys were having a really good time and made the game fun to be a part of. Walked away down from my original buy-in, but not too bad.

Neither of the videos show much action due to the naturally slow pace of the game. Yes, roulette has the worst odds in the casino, next to the slot machines. But, because it’s slow, if you bet smart and conservatively, you can play for quite a while.

See you inside the casino!

ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500

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